Marquartstein is a picturesque village in the southeastern part of Bavaria, Germany.
It is situated in a region called Achental/Chiemgau, approximately 10 km south of the lake Chiemsee, in the valley of the river Tiroler Achen.
Marquartstein is at the edge of the Alps, between Munich and Salzburg.

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Chiemsee is a clean freshwater lake: the rivers Tiroler Achen and Prien flow into the lake from the south, and the river Alz flows out towards the north. 


There are 3 main islands on the lake:

- On the Herreninsel there is a palace built by King Ludwig II in 1878 called Herrenchiemsee, which was never completed but was meant to be a replica of the Palace of Versailles. Many of its rooms are open to visitors.

- Fraueninsel, the smaller of the two main islands, houses a Benedictine nunnery, built in 782, as well as a small village. The nuns make a liquor called Klosterlikör ("cloister liquor") and marzipan.

- The uninhabited Krautinsel ("cabbage island") got this name as in the Middle Ages it was cultivated with cabbage and other vegetables.


The Achental is an open mountain valley in the Traunstein district that leads from the Austrian border in the south to Lake Chiemsee in the north. The name of the river that flows through the valley is Tiroler Achen. Achental offers outdoor adventures all year round - great balance between sporting activities and relaxation.

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