"We were born in different cities, in the Hungarian lowlands, and even as children we spent many summers at Lake Balaton. Later we went to the university in Budapest and started working there. Nevertheless, a long time would pass before we started our life together.

After a few years spent in the capital, we longed more and more for greenery, for life in the country, so in 2014 we bought a small house in the Hungarian-German village called Pula in the northern uplands of Lake Balaton in Hungary. Shortly afterwards we moved to Germany for work.  This time we live in Bavaria, between Chiemsee lake and the Bavarian Alps, with Léna the female labrador. These experiences we have gathered together and gave us the idea to make the delicacies, foods and drinks - that we already know and love in Hungary and especially around the Hungarian Lake Balaton - available here in Germany. "



"I am a great lover of unadulterated, original  aromas and good wines. In order to be able to obtain something so good, you don't have to go far, it is enough to pay a visit to Lake Balaton, the beautiful Pannonian landscape. We would combine the feeling of these goods with offering comfortable accommodation in our Bavarian house in Marquartstein. To all our guests and friends visiting us not only in our Hungarian home, but also in this beautiful land of Germany."

Lena, the labrador lady:

"It is all good here!" :)